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Woodfuel - The Benefits

  • A renewable resource, unlike fossil fuels
  • With rising fossil fuel prices woodfuel can reduce your energy costs. (Fossil fuels are often produced in economically and politically unstable areas of the world. In the last 100 years or so, mankind has used around half of the available fossil fuel resource on Planet Earth this oil took billions of years to create.)
  • Woodfuel contributes to UK renewables target
  • Woodfuel businesses generate and protect rural employment
  • Woodfuel production contributes to improved forest management, landscape, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.
  • 1 tonne of air dried wood fuel can replace between 300 and 500 litres of oil
  • Carbon emissions can be lower than from fossil fuels.
Valmet 860 forwarder
Valmet 860 forwarder